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[My Photography] The Sivok Railway Station, Siliguri, WB, India

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An Introduction and a Small Preview of YouTube GO App - Ab Mazze Udao, Data Nahi!!

My Review and First Preview of YouTube GO app

Recently, YouTube has launched a new initiative i.e., an app named YouTube Go. This app is currently in beta test and it's an unreleased app on the Google Playstore.

The app is available for some chosen peoples including me. So I thought to make a quick review for all of you and show you the upcoming YouTube's sensational app YouTube GO.

The app is very light-weight and it is made especially for us Indians. It is designed to work on any smartphone and it has some great features to reduce the data usage.

Here are some highlight of the app's features:
Light-weight design to work smoothly even on entry-level smartphonesReduced Data Usage (Data Saving)Video Preview using GIF/AnimationDownload Videos for Offline useShare Offline Videos with other YouTubeGo usersSelect Video Quality before playing/downloading video
Many more features are expected to come out as this just their beta test. Stay tuned for latest updates.

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How to Enable Messenger Chat Heads in MIUI Phones? (HINDI Video with ENGLISH Subtitle)

Recently we added a post on " How to Enable Messenger Chat Heads in MIUI Phones? " on our blog It's IT ADDA!. That post was getting so many visitors, So i decided to make a video tutorial also on this topic.

And here i am...

The Audio language of the video is HINDI but I have also included the ENGLISH Subtitle so that everyone can watch it. So, Watch the video above and let me know if there is anything to say in the comment box below.

Check out more videos like this on our YouTube Channel "It's IT ADDA!" at:

Share the video with the peoples who might find it useful! Thank you for watching!

[My Photography] - Pin up all your good memories...

Pin up all the good memories of your life because whenever you will look back in future, it will make you feel much more Happier... 😊       - Aash

[My Photography] Flowers from my Home Garden..

[My Photography] During today's Rainfall with a little bit of snow..

[My Photography] From My Home Garden...

My Selfies at cycle distribution ceremony by Mamta Banarjee...

Photos of cycle distribution ceremony by Mamta Banarjee at Malbazar [4/10/2015]...